Living the Healthy Lifestyle

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So if we had to be honest with ourselves most of us would say that we want to be “healthier”, but what does this really mean?

Being healthy can mean many different things.

Some may say that the absence of disease or illness deems them to be “healthy”.

I don’t believe that just because you go to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong with you means that you are “healthy”.

Often times living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a lack of energy, a lack of focus, and can lead to becoming sick.  This issue should be addressed BEFORE it arises.

Maybe being healthy to you means making sure that you brush your teeth, shower, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and get 8 hours of sleep each day.

It may mean to someone else that they regularly get check-ups at the doctor, get their flu shot, and stay away from people who are sick.

It could mean eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean sources of protein and exercising at least 3 days a week.

To me, there’s not one definite definition of being “healthy.”

I believe that you should choose to live a healthy lifestyle and consider your health and well-being in the everyday choices that we make.

So allow me to illustrate something for you…

Let’s say it’s your 16th birthday and your parents told you,

“Happy birthday! It’s your big day and we want to celebrate by giving you a special gift.

We want to give you your first car!!!

You can pick out any car that you want, price does not matter.”

Sounds pretty good so far, doesn’t it?

“Pick out any car that you want but…

This is the only car you are going to have for the rest of your life, so take good care of it.”

So if this was the case you would take care of your car like it was your own baby.

You would make sure the oil was changed on time, the tires were inflated properly, you put the best premium fuel in it, always kept it clean, and so on.

You have one physical body that God has given us to live in until the day we die.

Why not treat your body like a temple and take care of it the best you can?

So yes, eat whole foods provided by nature and avoid the processed ones.

Eat plenty of vegetables and lean protein.

Exercise your body consistently at least a few times a week.

Not only do you want to live a healthy lifestyle physically by eating good food and exercising but you also want to live healthily emotionally, financially, spiritually, and socially.

Have a drive or a main focus on where you want to go in life.

You should live with purpose, determination, and a well thought out plan on how to get there.

A lot of people have goals and dreams of things that they want to do, but many of us do not write them down or are not actively pursuing them.  I am highly encouraging you to do this because it will help you get to where you want to go.

Your occupation should be in harmony with these things and should take you closer to where you want to go in life.

The old saying that says,”If you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life” can be misleading.

Love what you do, correct, but WORK for what you love with PASSION and ENJOY the process. You may enjoy it so much that the hard work you put in doesn’t even feel like work.

Have a burning desire and passion for something that you can believe in.

Something that brings you joy and a sense of purpose.  Something that makes you love yourself and love others. I choose God.

Have a healthy social life with friends and family that you love and love being around.  Find things that bring you joy and do them as often as possible.

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about encompassing every aspect of health into your life.

It’s about taking care of yourself and considering your health in the day to day choices and challenges we face.

No one particular thing will make you “healthy” but the combination of all of the little things added up will make a difference.

Of course you’re never going to be perfect at this; life gets in the way, we are all human.

The thing to remember when living a healthy lifestyle is to live happily as well as healthily.

If you are doing something that is quote “healthy” but it seems to be dragging you down and not benefiting your life then reconsider if it is necessary for you.

Address your habits and ask yourself, “Is this something that is making me healthier, happier, and bringing me closer to my desired goal in life or is it doing the opposite? Is it worth partaking in every day, once in awhile, or would I be better off without it completely?”

Ask this question to yourself when faced with a challenge and remember,

If it is not making you healthier, happier, or bringing you closer to where you long to be, is it worth keeping in your life?

To your best health,

Coach Kyle.

Kyle Wilkinson